Video Game News for January 2015

Dragon Ball Xenoverse Release Date Delayed

Upcoming fighting game Dragon Ball Xenoverse has had its launch date pushed back. Originally scheduled for release on February 17, the game will now launch a week later.

Publisher Bandai Namco announced the delay, saying that it was necessary in order to “ensure the highest possible gameplay experience” for players. Dragon Ball Xenoverse will be released for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One on February 24. A PC release on Steam will follow on February 27.

Resident Evil Revelations 2 Gets New Release Date

Capcom’s upcoming horror game Resident Evil: Revelations 2 has been delayed. The pushback is only a week. The first episode in the episodic series, originally scheduled to launch February 17, is now due to arrive February 24.

“In an effort to fine-tune the final product, we’ve moved the release of the first episode back just one week to February 24,” Capcom said on its website.

Due to the delay of the first episode, the release dates for subsequent installments, as well as the disc-based retail edition that packages them all together, has also shifted. The new schedule for individual episodes is below, while the retail disc for consoles is now launching March 17.

Gaming Pioneer Ralph Baer Passes Away

Ralph Baer, creator of the first home console video game system, passed away over the weekend, according to various media reports. He was 92-years-old.

Baer was responsible for the precursor to Pong and Magnavox Odyssey in 1972, originally dubbed the “Brown Box.”

In 2006, Baer received the National Medal of Technology from President George W. Bush.

PS Store Discount Code Cannot Be Used On Pre-Orders

Sony’s upcoming discount code offer will not be applicable towards pre-orders, the company has announced on the PlayStation blog.  The discount was offered in response to the PlayStation Network outages over the Christmas period, with Sony’s online network inaccessible following a DDoS attack. Lizard Squad, the alleged hacking group behind the attack, recently had its own network compromised.

Other exclusions applicable to the code include PS Plus subscriptions, Music Unlimited, and video rentals, all of which will not be eligible for the 10 percent discount. The discount will run for four days from January 23-26 (starting and ending at 9am Pacific in the US, and 9am GMT in Europe).

Active PlayStation Plus members will receive a five-day extension to their membership as part of Sony’s apology for the downtime. Members will receive an email confirming the extension of their PS Plus membership.

Robotoki shutting downRobotoki Is Shutting Down

According to a report from Joystiq, independent developer Robotoki, the studio founded by former Activision creative strategist Robert Bowling, has shut down as of today.  The company released Drop Squad 4, an iOS and Android puzzle game, last year.

“This week we have ceased operations at Robotoki and the development of Human Element is on hiatus,” Bowling said in a statement to Joystiq. “We were actively negotiating a new publishing deal for the premium version of Human Element but unfortunately I was unable to continue to self-fund development until a deal was finalized.”

The studio had been working on Human Element since 2012, when the studio was first founded. It was to be a survival game set in a post-zombie-apocalyptic universe. It also unsuccessfully attempted to fund The Adventures of Dash, a 2D-style platformer, via Kickstarter in 2013.

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