Nintendo to Stop Production of Wii U Consoles in 2016

The Nikkei, a Japanese financial newspaper, revealed today a report from the  that Nintendo will be halting production of the Wii U and some related accessories this year. The Nikkei additionally states that Nintendo will reveal their new console, codenamed NX, sometime this year.

The end of the Wii U production doesn’t mean that there aren’t any units available from here on out. It could suggest that Nintendo has enough consoles stored up to last between now and whenever Nintendo decides to phase out the console.

It is being speculated that this means the NX will definitely be released this year.  It could just be Nintendo needing to empty its remaining Wii U inventory.

New Update:

According to a statement provided to the Japanese site IT Media, and translated at Business Insider, Nintendo is denying that Wii U production is in its last days.

Stating that the report in the Nikkei “is not an announcement from the company,” the statement goes on to say that Wii U production will continue. There is a bit of confusion with regards to how long production will continue for, though. Kotaku’s Brian Ashcraft translates the sentence in question as “From the next quarter and thereafter as well, production [of the Wii U] is scheduled to continue,” but over on Business Insider the sentence refers to production continuing for the next “fiscal year and beyond.” If it’s the former, then the original Nikkei report could still be accurate, but if it’s the latter then it comes further into question.

I suspect that we’ll continue to hear reports about the Wii U’s production slowly winding down, as rumors continue to swirl about the NX.

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